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Presidential election 2008

Edwards just endorsed Obama... Oh, boy... 

Looks like Democrats really want to lose to Republicans. All those talks about uniting the party are bullshit. Obama will NOT win the general election. Many of the supporters of Hillary will vote for McCain, and - voila, we will have a republican in the White House again. As a result, the economics will continue to go down the poopers, the war in Iraq will continue indefinitely, student financial aid will continue to consist mostly of loans, and so forth. McCain just refused to sign a certain document demonstrating that he LIKES the situation where women are being paid less for equal work. Sure, with his rich wife who is much younger than himself, why should he not enjoy the gender inequalities in this country. Again a president whose wife is nothing but "madam my husband."

Not to mention all those ungrateful organizations that enjoyed a lot of Clinton's support and are now supporting and endorsing Obama... nasty, nasty, nasty ingrates with zero political vision.
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